Mayor Shelley on Hunters Point Curfew

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KRON News footage from September 30th 1966 featuring a press conference by San Francisco's Mayor John Shelley, who announces a modification of a curfew imposed during the Bayview Hunters Point social uprising. He also states there has been a partial withdrawal of National Guard from the city but 1000 troops are still ready on stand-by. In response to a question about police and troop action, he explains that: "We rever imply rough stuff and we don't use it. I never like to use rough stuff. But ... if there are outside agitators and they are agitating and going around with signs and hollering 'burn baby burn', this is a violation of ... the State code. It is an incitement to riot."

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Date aired
Recording medium
16mm b&w negative, magnetic sound film
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Nexstar Media Group, Inc.
Type of material
archival newsfilm
KRON 679-10

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