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KPIX Eyewitness News report from August 25th 1967 in San Francisco featuring a press conference by a community leader from Bayview Hunters Point. He explains how yesterday his youth group was tricked into going downtown to watch a play called 'The Cage' (about being in jail) on Geary Street. He claims that an official rumor was spread that musician Otis Redding was performing at the theater (untrue), which is the only reason they went there. Whilst having to wait outside on Geary Street for a bus home, the local press apparently reported that: "Hunters Point youth were looting on Geary Street." He reflects on this cultural stereotyping and comments how: "It seems that everything that happens in this city, the Hunters Point youth are doing it. And it seems ... the attempt here is to create a kind of feeling in the city about what the people in Hunters Point are like ... The press treats us like we're animals. The only thing we know how to do is go out and steal something." He goes on to point out that many youths from different communities were on Geary Street that evening and asks how people knew the 'trouble' was being caused by youths from Hunters Point.

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