Dr Arthur Coleman on Medical Director Position (Hunters Point)

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KPIX Eyewitness News report from November 24th 1971 by Ed Arnow in San Francisco featuring a press conference by Dr Arthur Coleman about how mayor Joseph Alioto is attempting to influence the hiring of a medical director for Bayview Hunters Point's health program. He explains he is willing to discus the issue of salary once a contract has been presented but feels that negotiations should be handled by the Hiring Operation agency and not the Mayor. He also points out that these are Federal funds being debated, emphasizing they belong to the community and not City Hall, stating: "I feel that we then are faced - or confronted - with the basic issue of community control. Is this community going to be able to decide what kinds of programs it wants, who it's going to hire and etc. Or is it going to be dictated by someone else?" When Arnow asks Coleman if he thinks his support of Dianne Feinstien in the recently completed Mayoral race has affected Alioto's position, he replies: "This is what I was led to believe."

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