Drug Addiction & Rehabiliation in Bayview Hunters Point

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KPIX Eyewitness News report from September 6th 1972 by Ben Williams in San Francisco featuring a press conference in which a medical representative describes how an innovative new drug rehabilitation program in Bayview Hunters Point will try to help addicts stop taking all drugs, including methodone. Another spokesman points out that unlike the more sophisticated addicts in the Western Addition (who have developed other ways of finding money to support a drug habit), newer addicts in Bayview Hunters Point are resorting more to violent crime. He acknowledges that a higher crime rate encourages local businesses to move away and expresses a hope that the new rehabiliation program will reduce this trend, promote new jobs and offer residents an alternative to drug dependency. Also includes brief views of the neighborhood and the Community Defender offices of the Bayview Hunters Point Foundation.

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archival newsfilm
KPIX 109545

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