Assignment Four - What's Happening in the Haight

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Assignment Four documentary film made by KRON-TV in 1972, subtitled 'A report from the Neighborhood', which looks at how political, social and business interests in San Francisco's Haight Ashbury neighborhood have been changing since the late 1960s. There are many interviews with local residents including: shopkeepers; policemen; people on the street; architect and town planner Ron Jonash, who explains how the neighborhood was re-zoned downwards in the spring of 1972; State Assemblyman Willie Brown, who is seen driving around in a Porsche as he provides commentary; the Chairman of the Mayor's Committee to Restore the Haight David Johnson; Steve Keever and Ron Landberg of the Good Earth Commune and Joan and Rena McAuley. Also features: views of angry residents protesting at the Mayor's Committee Meeting on October 21st 1970; scenes from the Good Earth Commune which is described as a work collective, also running the Haight Ashbury Recycling Center and Free Store and part of a Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council meeting. Narration is by Art Brown, with original music by Jon Fromer. This film was written, produced and directed by Ira Eisenberg and edited by Bob Shafer. Please note: this film opens with a short montage of images and sounds from the 1960s, when Haight Ashbury was perceived to be closely associated with the hippie movement and the so called Summer of Love. It should be noted that David Johnson was Ansel Adam's first African American student.

Type of material
documentary film
16mm color, optical sound film
Rights for this video belong to
Young Broadcasting of San Francisco, Inc.
Date aired
Originally aired on
KRON 455

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