LSD Lovefest Report (KTVU)

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KTVU news footage from c1966 with Claud Mann reporting at an "LSD Lovefest", including views of people having fun in a park, listening to jazz music and of an interview, in which a spokesman attempts to answer the question "what are you trying to prove." Also features scenes of people dancing and of a young man goofing off for the camera, wearing a sign which reads: LSD SAVES."

Note that the man being interviewed here is also interviewed in a KRON newsfilm clip shot on 12/17/1966 in the Haight Ashbury, where he is encouraging people to enjoy the moment. If anyone can positively identify him, please let us know.

Type of material
archival newsfilm
16mm b&w, magnetic sound/silent film
Rights for this video belong to
Cox Enterprises Inc/KTVU
Date aired
Originally aired on
KTVU 114-1

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here is an excerpt from Vanity Fair's article on the Summer of Love which may provide a clue to the date of this clip.I know it is 1966, not 67,from the original file number on the clip.Leslie late September 1966, a Haight coalition that included the Oracle staff wrote letters to the city fathers about an October “love-pageant rally” for which they were seeking a permit. Then, after that gathering (which protested LSD’s becoming illegalthe article goes on to say a "similiar" group organized the Be- In in January 1967 in Golden Gate Park.

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