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A short compilation of 16mm film clips sourced from the KRON-TV documentary and newsfilm collection. The following moving images are edited to music, and were all shot during the 1960s: Ronald and Nancy Reagan; Archie Brown; Dianne Feinstein; Muhammad Ali; Jayne Mansfield; Hells Angels; Bobby Seale; Sonny and Cher; Dr. Timothy Leary; Downtown San Francisco; Senator Robert Kennedy; The Beatles; Eldridge Cleaver; Mario Savio; Ken Kesey; Richard Oakes; Bob Dylan and Ron Thelin. All of these images were derived from archival film which is currently available to view online in the virtual archive (DIVA). Opens with views of the KRON-TV building on Van Ness Avenue in San Francisco and the storage vault and boxes from which the film was retreived in 2012, by Alex Cherian and MIAP graduate Shira Peltzman.

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Young Broadcasting of San Francisco, Inc.
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