Concert and Bill Graham interview at Fillmore West

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KPIX Eyewitness News report from January 28th 1969 in San Francisco by Belva Davis featuring scenes from a rock concert at the Fillmore West venue and an interview with rock promoter Bill Graham. Includes views of youths queuing to get in, hanging out in the club and dancing. There are also close up shots of rock band Feetwood Mac playing live onstage (2:20-3:15). Note: the rest of this interview can be seen in KPIX-TV Film Ref. No. KPIX 111647. The 16mm positive reversal film elements for KPIX 37711 are in the Special Collections vault.

Type of material
archival newsfilm
16mm b&w film, silent/magnetic sound
Rights for this video belong to
Date aired
Originally aired on
KPIX 37711

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Thanks for Sharing this valuable Information.

Wow, this is historic stuff. In this day and age, people would be too concerned with lawsuits for filming people in the club, or the chance of a fire trapping people in there. Bill Graham was a great man and an important figure in the history of music in America. I read his book, and it was great. 

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