Muhammad Ali Promotes Rematch with Sonny Liston

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KTVU News footage from c1964 featuring an interview with Muhammad Ali, surrounded by a boisterous crowd. He says: "I'm always here to promote boxing and to promote Cassius Clay. I want all the people to be here to see the world's greatest fighter. The world's prettiest fighter ... The onlyiest man to retire Sonny Liston, the big ugly bear!" When asked to explain why Ali thinks he will beat Liston, he replies: "I know I can beat him ... I'm just the greatest! I've had 20 professional fights and won 'em all of course ... I got a good poem for the bear ... If you like to lose your money / Be a fool and bet on Sonny." It's worth noting that this interview was shot before Ali stopped referring to himself as Cassius Clay. Ali's 20th fight was in February 1964, when he first beat Sonny Liston to become World Heavweight champion. His 21st fight was in May 1965, when he beat Liston again. It seems likely that this interview was shot sometime between those two fights.

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16mm b&w, magnetic sound film
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archival newsfilm
KTVU 37-20

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