James L. Farmer on the Birmingham Bombing (1963)

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KTVU News footage from September 1963 featuring an interview with James L. Farmer, Jr. who discusses the situtation in Alabama, where the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham was bombed on Sunday, September 15, 1963 in an act of terrorism. He stated that: "Governor [George] Wallace has helped to incite the violence that has taken place in Birmingham" and goes on to say that: "The state troopers in Alabama have been among the worst offenders in police brutality." Ends with silent views of Farmer speaking to crowds, possibly at the UC Berkeley campus.

Originally aired on
Date aired
Recording medium
16mm b&w, magnetic silent/sound film
Rights for this video belong to
Cox Enterprises Inc/KTVU
Type of material
archival newsfilm
KTVU 37-19

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