Assignment Four - Segregation Western Style

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Assignment Four documentary film made by KRON-TV in 1963, narrated by Craig Jordan, which examines the issue of racial housing discrimination in Berkeley, in light of the defeat of an April 1963 fair housing ordinance. Includes interviews with: Robert D. Weinmanh (Executive Director of the Citizens League For Individual Freedom); Frank Quinn (Director of the Council For Civic Unity); Charles Wilson, an African American attorney who describes the difficulty he faced trying to purchase a house in Berkeley; Orville Luster (Executive Director of Youth For Service, shown walking around the streets of Bayview Hunters Point); James Stratton (Vice President of the San Francisco Board of Education) and Daniel Kline (VP of the San Francisco Real Estate Board). Also features scenes from the San Francisco Chronicle's Classified Ad offices, in which an operator refuses to use the qualifying details "No colored or oriental" in a housing advert (apparently a common request). An office manager there estimates that The Chronicle receives an average of 200 racially discriminatory ad requests per week of this nature. This film was written and produced by Bob Anderson, directed by Vern Louden and is identified in the credits as being originally a "video tape recording." A BetaSP videotape master made by KRON-TV was used to produce this low-res online screener. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

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BetaSP videotape
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