Media Coverage of Bayview Hunters Point

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KPIX-TV Eyewitness News report from July 8th 1968 by Mike Lee in San Francisco, which examines media representations of the African American community in Bayview Hunters Point. In his introduction Lee states that: "Hunters Point had been rated by the news media as one of the big potential trouble spots of the nation. But despite that advanced publicity, there has been relatively little trouble here this summer." Lee also refers to a developing "culture of black brotherhood," which he characterizes as "a new form of black power." Includes interviews with Floyd (a legal assistant) by Candlestick Park; Phil Kay (Associate Editor of 'The Spokesman') and Loren Bradford (Western Addition War on Poverty office). Ends with silent, POV views of the neighborhood, shot from a moving car along 3rd Street. It's worth noting that this item was orginally titled 'Ghetto Report I' in the KPIX News shot-log for 1968. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

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archival newsfilm
16mm co-magentic sound film
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KPIX 35982

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