The Rejected: NET Program Screening Report

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Scanned PDF copy of a Program Screening Report for KQED's documentary film The Rejected, produced by National Educational Television (NET) in 1961. The program receives a generally positive review and is recommended for approval, subject to some editing: "It answers, because of its scope, many questions of the subject of homosexuality. Further, it stimulates the mind to more questions, both intellectual, emotional and moral. And this, is a goal of educational television." It also states: "The contribution of the bartender of the "Black Cat" bar to the program is minimal and could be eliminated." It should be noted that the scenes shot on location in San Francisco at the Black Cat gay bar were eventually cut out, before the film aired on September 11th 1961.

This record was kindly passed to us by the Wisconsin Historical Society, from their National Educational Television records, 1951-1970. US Mss 66AF, Series 8C, box 62, folder 2.

KQ 1020-3

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