Letter from Johnathan Rice to Don Fedderson, 4/14/1961

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Scanned PDF copy of a letter written by KQED's Program Manager Johnathan C. Rice to NET's Director of TV Programming Donley F. Feddersen, dated April 14th 1961. In the letter Rice descibes a "mass viewing" of an 88 minute version of The Rejected documentary film with 50-60 people in attendance. He states that: "The concensus of the staff is that it is too long and tends to drag in places." He goes on to outline different options for cutting the running time down to 73 or 59 minutes and also details the additional budget required to do this. It should be noted that The Rejected was first broadcast on September 11th 1961 and was 59 minutes long.

This record was kindly passed to us by the Wisconsin Historical Society, from their National Educational Television records, 1951-1970. US Mss 66AF, Series 8C, box 62, folder 2.

KQ 1020-4

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