Star Trek Store (1975)

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KRON-TV News footage from May 16th 1975 featuring scenes of shoopers browsing merchandise at a Star Trek store, owned by Star Trek fans Chuck Weiss and Sandy Sarris. The store opened the previous Sunday when over 1500 people dropped in. Weiss explains the attraction for Star Trek fans: "Here they can come and let their hair down and be free and be among friends and not feel embarassed about buying a Trekkie item." He goes onto describe Star Trek fans as: "Everyday people ... They are usually very optimistic people because the show deals with the future in an optimistic way." It should be noted that Weiss and Sarris helped to organize the first Star Trek fan event in Northern California called "The Red Hour Festival", taking the name from an event in an episode of the show. It's also worth mentioning that the KRON reporter states that a "full length Star trek movie is set to start shooting in September." This work did begin in 1975 but Paramount scrapped the project in 1977, before resuming production again in 1978. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

Originally aired on
Date aired
Recording medium
16mm magnetic sound film
Rights for this video belong to
Young Broadcasting of San Francisco, Inc.
Type of material
local newsfilm
KRON 3933-20

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