Community Press Conference about the Bayview Uprising

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KRON News footage from October 10th 1966 featuring a press conference in San Francisco's Bayview Hunters Point, less than two weeks after a major social uprising in the neighborhood caused the Governor to call out the National Guard. One spokesman states: "I really want all the young and old people alike to have what we need out here: recreation, jobs. I mean that's a lot, that helps a lot. It's a lot of people just can't get jobs, so they'll go out and do things wrong to try and help their families. You might think it's bad and wrong. It is. But they have no other way of gettin' it, so they go out and do wrong things." Another suggests that some progress has been made as a result of the uprising, if only in that people are now listening to community grievances. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

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16mm b&w negative sound film
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local newsfilm
KRON 1565-5

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