San Francisco in the 1990s [Decades Series]

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Episode from KRON-TV's Decades series made in 1999 by Executive Producer Jim Swanson which uses original news footage and contemporary interviews to reflect on Bay Area history from the 1990s, including issues relating to: rebuilding San Francisco after the 1989 earthquake; the Oakland firestorm of 1991; the 1991 Gulf War (Operation Desert Storm); the rise of cyberspace and the internet; the beating of Rodney King by the LAPD and resulting civil unrest in 1992; racial unrest and antagonism; the O.J. Simpson trial; the 1992 election of California Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer; the 101 California Street shooting in 1993 by Gian Luigi Ferri; the kidnap and murder of Polly Klaas from Petaluma in 1993; the evolution and growth of the Bay Area's movie making industry; the election of San Francisco's Mayor Willie Brown in 1996; medical advances in the fight against AIDS; flooding in San Francisco in 1997/98; the Dot-Com revolution in Silicon Valley; San Francisco's Multimedia Gulch and the rising cost of living in the Bay Area. Also features interviews with: Art Agnos; Robert Bruce; Bonnie Bruce; Pete Wilson; Jim Goldman; Belva Davis; Vic Lee; Angela Glover Blackwell; Linda Yee; Eric Davis; Howard Rheingold; Howie Stein; Dr. Paul Volberding; Brian Hackney and Joe Kraus. This program was produced and written by Christa Resing, edited by Karyne Holmes and narrated by Will Lyman. This Emmy Award winning series traced the rich history of San Francisco from the Gold Rush to the 21st Century. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

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