Dorothy Erskine on Agricultural Zoning for Napa Valley (1966)

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KPIX News report from 1966 by Wanda Ramey featuring an interview with environmentalist Dorothy Erskine in the Napa Valley, possibly at School House Vineyard in St. Helena, which is now run by her grandson John M. Gantner and Nancy Walker. Erskine explains how they are trying to place zoning on agricultural land and purchase development rights from owners. This is so it can only be used for agriculatural purposes - such as growing grapes - rather than be sold for sub-divisions. She argues that many Napa grape growers are now finding wine making to be a profitable business, which justifies this step. It should be noted that in 1968 the Napa Valley Agricultural Preserve, designed to protect the Napa Valley, was established by the Napa county Board of Supervisors and the Napa County Planning Commission. This ordinance was passed on April 9th 1968. Ends with silent shots of vineyeards, from the earth to the Napa hills and horizon. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

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local newsfilm
16mm b&w magnetic sound film
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KPIX 27942

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