Kesey Promotes Trips Festival in Union Square

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KRON-TV silent news footage from January 20th 1966 featuring brief views of Ken Kesey and others in Union Square promoting The Trips Festival, to the bemusement of onlookers. Organized by Kesey, Stewart Brand, Roman Sender and Bill Graham at the Longshoreman's Hall between January 21-23 1966, The Trips Festival was a sold out event at which people could take LSD and revel in the music, art and sensory experience on show. This event is widely cited as heralding the start of San Francisco's psychedelic movement, at least in the popular consciousness. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

Originally aired on
Date aired
Recording medium
16mm negative silent film
Rights for this video belong to
Young Broadcasting of San Francisco, Inc.
Type of material
local newsfilm
KRON 1437-17

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