People Are Talking in the Afternoon: Marilyn Chambers

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An episode of KPIX-TV's show People Are Talking in the Afternoon, featuring an interview with "adult film star" Marilyn Chambers (1952-2009), presented by Ann Fraser and Ross McGowan on May 22nd 1984. McGowan introduces Chambers as being: "The best known and highest paid x-rated actress in the business" and she discusses topics relating to: the Marilyn Chambers clause (which requires models to declare if they've ever worked in the adult entertainment industry); how she became a "porno queen" (Fraser's words); landing a role in the Mitchell Brothers film Behind the Green Door; her sexuality; the realities for young women of the "casting couch"; her manager Chuck Traynor ("He's made me become a better person"); Linda Lovelace; her parents and family; writing a sex advice column for Club magazine; her taste in men; only having done five "x-rated" movies to date; the personal background of adult actresses and home video rental habits. Ends with brief, silent views of the audience milling about on-stage after the show. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

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