Living Conditions at Soledad Prison (1970)

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KRON-TV Newswatch report from August 4th 1970 by Jack Bates featuring interviews with Mr. Philip Guthrie, a spokesman for the California Department of Corrections and California State Assemblyman Willie Brown. Both are commenting on living conditions in California State prisons, especially in Soledad Prison (Monterey County) and in relation to the issue of race. In January 1970 three African American prisoners incarcerated at Soledad were charged with the murder of a white prison guard, John Vincent Mills. They were George Jackson, Fleeta Drumgoole, and John Clutchette, who were also popularly known as the Soledad Brothers. Brown and four other lawmakers are demanding an investigation into conditions at Soledad. Ends with exterior views of Soledad Prison. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

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16mm color magnetic sound film
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Nexstar Media Group, Inc.
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local newsfilm
KRON 2450-4

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