Zodiac Killer Letters: KRON-TV Compilation (1969-70)

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KRON-TV News compilation of footage relating to correspondance written by the Zodiac Serial killer, featuring press conferences and interviews with police covering the dates: 10/15/1969; 10/16/1969; 12/27/1969; 4/22/1969 and 4/30/1969.

10/15/1970: San Francisco Police Chief Thomas Cahill verifies that a letter received by the San Francisco Chronicle dated October 14th, which included a fragment of murdered cab driver Paul Stine, appears to have been sent by the killer.

10/16/1970: A Napa Sheriff speculates on the killer's character and when a reporter asks "What type of person is this man?" the Sheriff replies: "We have reason to believe he is a maniac ... It appears to us that he is killing just for the thrill of killing."

12/27/1969: A detective Confirms the authenticity of a letter sent to Melvin Belli by someone claiming to be the Zodiac Included with this letter was a piece of cab driver Paul Stine's shirt, who was killed in San Francisco on October 11th.

4/22/1970: Inspector Bill Armstrong expresses his belief the letter postmarked April 20th 1970 from Zodiac reveals more useful evidence pertaining to his psychological profile.

4/30/1970: Views of a letter postmarked April 28th 1970 from the Zodiac killer and also an interview with Lieutenant Charles Ellis who reviews the contents. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

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KRON 2366-15

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