Pat Paulsen Campaigns For President in San Francisco (1968)

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KTVU News footage from 1968 featuring scenes of comedian, satirist and Presidential candidate Pat Paulsen helping to open a White Front discount store, at 2300 16th Street in San Francisco. He delivers a rousing speech: "I ask you will I solve our civil rights problems? Will I obliterate the national debt? Will I end the war in Vietnam? Will I unite this great country and move it forward? Sure, why not! Wait for audience to applaud." Smothers Brothers collaborator and Emmy Award winner Paulsen is also interviewed by Mayor Joseph Alioto about the Presidential race and admits: "I lied about my intention to run ... I was vague on all the issues." This White Front discount store closed down in 1973 and is now a Safeway store. Also note that this was the first of 6 Presidential campaigns for Paulsen. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

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16mm color magnetic sound film
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Cox Enterprises Inc/KTVU
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local newsfilm
KTVU 31-1

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