Ronald Reagan on Sucker Republicans (1965)

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KTVU News footage from 1965 featuring brief scenes from a speech by Ronald Reagan, in which he criticises the Republican Party: "Leave off the adjective and the hyphen in front of the word Republican. Leave off the label and just discuss the issues. Just discuss where you stand ... And I think you'll be surprised to find out how much unites Republicans and how much we have in common. If we continue to use those adjectives and those hyphens in front of the word: moderate, liberal, conservative Republican. Whatever it might be. The only adjective or word we should use in front of the hyphen is sucker Republican! Our opponents gave us those labels. Give them back!" Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

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Date aired
Recording medium
16mm b&w magnetic sound film
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Cox Enterprises Inc/KTVU
Type of material
local newsfilm
KTVU 5-7

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