Clergy Support Farm Workers Strike (1965)

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KRON News footage from September 29th 1965 featuring a press conference by two ministers who express their support for the Delano grape strike which began on September 8th. This was a labor strike by the Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee and the United Farm Workers, against grape growers in California. One of them states: "Historically labor unions have failed miserably in attempting to organize migrant workers. This is the largest build up of farm workers supporting an attempt to organize. This could very likely be the point or the place in history where the entire problem of the migrant farm worker is brought into focus and the labor unions will have the ability to move in and organize the entire farm worker situation in the state." Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

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Date aired
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16mm b&w negative magentic sound film
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Nexstar Media Group, Inc.
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local newsfilm
KRON 1389-2

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