Open Line: Silverman Closes San Francisco's Bathhouses

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An episode of KTVU's Open Line program from September 23rd 1984 produced and hosted by Johnny Barnes Selvin, featuring scenes of San Francisco's Health Director Dr. Mervyn Silverman discussing his decision to close 14 gay bathhouses in the city. He also answers live phone questions from KTVU's viewers. Includes views of attorney Tom Steel and Mayor Dianne Feinstein speaking in the introduction. Silverman believes the bathhouses are playing an active part in the spead of AIDS, which overrides any concerns about civil liberties being violated. Callers ask questions which cover issues relating to: the importance of education in the fight against AIDS; statistics and information about AIDS and the challenges of asking the gay community to modify their sexual behavior. Executive Producer on this program was Ian Zellick. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

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Special Program
3/4-inch Umatic videotape
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Fox Television Stations, LLC/KTVU
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