Open Line: Peter Behr and Willie Brown

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An episode of KTVU's Open Line program from 1978 produced and hosted by Johnny Barnes Selvin, featuring discussion and analysis of the November 7th California Gubernatorial election, won by incumbent Jerry Brown in a landslide victory. Republican State Senator Peter Behr and Democratic State Assemblyman Willie Brown answer live questions from callers relating to: cleaning up the trash left over from elections; how racial minorities might be affected by the election results; Proposition 13 (relating to property tax, which passed into law in June); Proposition 7 (death penalty initiative); Proposition 5 (smoking); the failure of Proposition 6 (relating to gay rights); the political abuse of media promotion; supplemental security income and why Jerry Brown was re-elected. Executive Producer on this program was Ian Zellick. Includes advertisements. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

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3/4-inch Umatic videotape
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Fox Television Stations, LLC/KTVU
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Special Program

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