Montage: To Be A Muslim

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A KTVU Montage program from July 18th 1977 in which producer Johnny Barnes Selvin looks at the lives of Bay Area Muslims, featuring local media's first ever access to Mosque #77 in Oakland. Includes scenes of: Muslims being searched before attending the Friday Juma Prayer meeting at Mosque #77; Imam Muhammad Abdullah discussing his background and the philosophy of the late Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his son the Honorable Wallace D. Muhammad; Fakeem Shuaibe and Yolanda Shuaibe sharing their experience of living as Muslims since 1972; a visit to Your Black Muslim Bakery and interviews with owner Yusuf Bey and employees Shamsun Bey and Muhammad Saleem; the wedding ceremony of Charles and Cheryl Fareed at Mosque #77 and reflections on how the teachings of the Honorable Wallace D. Muhammad are leading American Muslims in a new direction, encouraging more active involvement in U.S. society. Executive Producer on this program was Ian Zellick. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

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3/4-inch Umatic videotape
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Fox Television Stations, LLC/KTVU
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special interest program

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