The Murder of Quita Hague

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KPIX-TV Eyewitness News report from 10/20/73 featuring a report by Linda Shen on the murder of Quita Hague and attack on her husband Richard Hague. Also includes views of the crime scene brief scene and a press conference in which a police spokesman states: "We certainly feel that in San Francisco our streets are safe ... and this is the first attack of this type we have had in the city." This was the first attributed murder by a group of Black Muslims called the Death Angels and this series of murders in 1973/4 came to be known as the Zebra murders. Please note that we did not include some close-up shots from the crime scene in this web screener. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

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16mm color magentic sound film
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local newsfilm
KPIX 114605

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"Censor" is quite correct that we have chosen to censor this material for public viewing. However, the corpse of Quita Hague IS shown in close-up in the scenes that have not been released online. This footage was shot at the crime scene by KPIX-TV but never aired. These never seen 16mm film frames are known as "outtakes" or "trims". This decision was made at our discretion, as custodians of the original film material.

"Please note that we did not include some close-up shots from the crime scene in this web screener"

Why did you censor the crime scene shots?  I mean obviously the murdered young woman was removed by then, why censor the scene?  I really don't understand this type of behavior, and from a university???  Really ridiculous.  This is what happens when rational, logical, fact based thought is replaced with emotional thought, you get irrational, illogical, feelings based decisions.  So tired of this revision of history BS.  It's amazing to me that the university setting has become such bedfellows with fascism of facts, so willing to suppress them in favor of not upsetting feelings or preconceived wants for political reasons.  Nuts, just air the GD news as it was reported 40 years ago!

How dare this racist oriental call those black murderers neatly dressed.  The nerve of this woman.

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