African American Detectives Work The Zebra Case

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KPIX News report from April 23rd 1974 by Mike Lee featuring SFPD's new initiative for reaching out to the African American community and ask for help with identifying potential suspects in the Zebra murders case. Includes scenes from a press conference in which an officer emphasizes that this outreach work is not intended as a substitute for their recent stop and question tactics but hopes it: "May ease the pressure that's being brought on the community." This is in reference to SFPD's tactic of stopping and questioning African American men and then issuing them with I.D. cards, to confirm they've been questioned about the Zebra case. Also includes views of two African American detectives Willie Johnson and Herman Clark driving around the Fillmore District, going into a neighborhood bar, being interviewed by Lee and speaking to a young man on the street. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

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local newsfilm
16mm b&w magentic sound film
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KPIX 117280-1

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