Alioto And Francois on Zebra Stop & Search

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KPIX-TV Eyewitness News report from April 23rd 1974 by Ed Arnow featuring scenes from a press conference by San Francisco's Mayor Joseph Alioto, who is trying to defend SFPD's policy of stop and search being enacted on young African American men, as an attempt to crack the Zebra murders case. At one point he admits racial tensions in the city are high and that initially some officers were using this tactic as an excuse to collect traffic warrants, an abuse which he says was quickly stopped. Also includes an interview with Supervisor Terry Francois, who believes that Mayor Alioto will regret supporting his police department's strategy of stop and question. Ends with silent views from Alioto's press conference. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

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16mm color silent/magentic sound film
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local newsfilm
KPIX 117280-2

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