African American Art Show at Oakland Museum

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KPIX News report by Belva Davis from November 11, 1971 featuring an African American art exhibition at Oakland Museum in it's special changing exhibition gallery from November 2 to December 12, titled 'Black Untitled II: Dimensions of the Figure. Includes interviews with some of the artists including SF State University alum Suzanne Jackson and brief glimpses of art consultant Evangeline 'EJ' Montgomery (who put this show together) and expressionistic sculptor and painter Christopher González. Montgomery discusses the vision behind the art with the artists.  In addition to these artists, the exhibition also featured works by: Cleveland Bellow; David P. Bradford; Doyle Foreman; Charles Ron Griffin; Oliver L. Jackson; Betye Saar and Larry M. Walker. Jackson comments, "I think most people come to black art thinking they're going to see violence, that they're going to see something very bad and I try to say strong things and maybe talk about those bad things, but in a very sensitive way in the sense of a black woman and how she feels within her whole society." There are also silent views of the art on display. Supporting text and metadata updated for the web in April 2020 by Lisa Ann Nikkel.  Also note that some of this information was obtained from an exhibition pamphlet and invitation card, originally from the Ankrum Gallery archives (which no longer exist) and now held by the Smithsonian. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

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