Bayview Hunters Point Uprising, 9/29/66 - KNTV Shot Logs

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Selections from the KNTV newsfilm shot logs produced on September 29th 1966, relating to the Bayview Hunters Point social uprising in San Francisco. Includes bulletins covering: a press conference by Mayor John Shelley; a description of conditions on the ground in Bayview Hunters Point; the appointment of segregationist Lester Maddox as the Democratic Party's nomination for Governor of Georgia (he went on to win the Gubernatorial race) and the Ku Klux Klan securing court permission to organize in California. One of these bulletins quotes Mayor Shelley, who blames racial discrimination for this civil unrest and asks for all San Franciscans to go home until daybreak: "So that at that inspirational time of dawn we can start work on a creative and exciting program to cure our illness." Note that KNTV was an ABC affiliate in 1966. PDF copies of these original newsfilm shot logs were kindly provided to us for streaming in DIVA by History San Jose, who preserve the KNTV Newsfilm Collection.

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