Inspector Bill Armstrong on Latest Zodiac Letter (1970)

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KPIX News report from May 1st 1970 featuring a press conference by SFPD's Inspector Bill Armstrong, who discusses the implications of the latest correspondence from the serial killer known as Zodiac, which contain an implied bomb threat. Ends with silent views of Armstrong holding up the Zodiac's correspondence. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

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16mm color silent/magentic sound film
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local newsfilm
KPIX 101978

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Ronny Welmer, I had this exact same hunch! So i've been looking into this for a short time but something doesn't sit write with me. Arthur Leigh Allen does not look like the sketch at all and in my opinion, doesn't have any of the distinguishing facial feautures however, Bill Armstrong does. I can't seem to find the birthday of Bill Armstrong as he is one of the only people out of the lead investigators who doesn't have his information on the internet. The Zodiac was very smart yet misspelled easy words, by purpose maybe? Its all assumptions i suppose but i'l taking these idea to Zodiac forums discussion groups for further investigation. Maybe someone could help by sending me towards some public information on Bill Armstrong. I mean, if they were incompetent back then whats to say he wasn't a disturbed man with a dark past? 

Incarcerated individual where I work in a California state prison has the exact same writing style, looks like the sketches, brags on killing many people , Tells younger inmate how to shoot someone in the back of the head, age fits that era, worked in prison library for years probably to keep track of media search, etc.

I do believe/think that Armstrong was this person. I’ve thought this over and over.  Just now came across this site.  And seems as though I’m not the only one.  Seems To make sense even more so after watching the movie.  Evidence as seen 

I do believe/think that was this person. I’ve thought this over and over.  Just now cameacross this site.  And seems as though I’m not the only one.  Seems To make sense even more so after watching the movie. 

Mr. Armstrong does resemble the sketch and zodiac did seem to know the cops moves quite well but if they never suspected Bucky Phillips, they damn sure never suspected this guy. P.s officer Butterbachs reaction to the zodiac is usually a creepy laugh.

Ronny wellner excellent theory friend but in another forum I read that Bill Armstrong did not exist that was a compilation of people 4 o5 detectives and to make it commercial and interesting they created it as we see it in the movie I like Fincher's zodiac but you're right it's very strange its behavior his gestures somewhat hidden Bill Armstrong although the character of Anthony Edwards is excellent


Please take a look at Bill Armstrong on this video!!! Look twice! The facial expressions show that he is a liar!!! He was the one, in my opinion, that covered Arthur Leigh Allen all the time, and even that: He IS the Zodiac himself! One of the both Zodiacs. The other one is Arthur Leigh Allen. They covered each other the whole time!!! Please check it out. David Fincher had a clue but didn't let look through too much on his film! I knew from the beginning that something is wrong with this cop! Take a good look on the scene where Arthur Leigh Allen is interviewed, and when he mentions his "neighbour" Bill. This Bill is fictional! He referred, hidden, to Bill Armstrong. The reason for this action was: To confuse people! Please check this out. This is one example of so many that is shown in the Film "Zodiac" by David Fincher! He had a clue, I'm sure... Greetings, Rowell

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