Paul Newman On Making Movies

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KRON News footage from May 25th 1969 with Karna Small featuring brief scenes from an interview with actor and director Paul Newman at Ernie's Restaurant, on Montgomery Street in San Francisco. Newman discusses how his career is increasingly focussed on directing movies. In addition to talking about his 1968 directorial debut 'Rachel, Rachel" he also confides that: "The reason I started directing was that it was very, very difficult to find scripts to do as an actor." At one point Newman also confirms that he's currently shooting a film he refers to as "Hall of Mirrors." This would be director Stuart Rosenberg's 1970 release 'WUSA', which was an adaptation of Robert Stone's novel 'A Hall of Mirrors." Newman's next film as a director would be the 1970 release 'Sometimes A Great Notion'. It should be noted that scenes from Alfred Hitchcock's iconic 1958 movie set in San Francisco 'Vertigo' were shot inside Ernie's. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

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16mm color magnetic sound film
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Young Broadcasting of San Francisco, Inc.
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local newsfilm
KRON 1977-4

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