California's 1978 State of the State Speech

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KRON news footage from January 5th 1978 with reporter Kevin McCullough featuring Governor Jerry Brown's 4th annual report on the State of California. Includes a brief excerpt from Brown's speech, instructing lawmakers that: "Before this month is out, you should put on my desk a billion dollar property tax relief measure. It should place tight limits on local government and permanently curb runaway property tax increases and do so without new, across the board taxes." Includes scenes of lawmakers responding to Brown's speech, including Willie Brown, one of whom opines: "What is his program? He didn't say. We'd like to know where his head is ... I think I have an idea where his head is but I don't thnk I can say it on television." Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

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Date aired
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16mm color silent/magnetic sound film
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Young Broadcasting of San Francisco, Inc.
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local newsfilm
KRON 4771-6

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Includes scenes of law makers responding to Brown's speech,


They say they have a pool on how long the speech will be. I hope I won't disappoint you.

Today I want to share with you a few thoughts on the condition of our state and areas where concentration will be required in the years ahead.

We have just come through a very difficult period. Fortunately we began the year with a sufficient surplus to weather the decline in state revenues. Unlike other states that have had to take drastic measures, California has kept on an even keel. Were it not for the upturn in the economy, we would be faced with the unpleasant task of asking for additional taxes. The money which the people will provide under the existing statutes is adequate to meet our needs this year.

But we cannot easily disregard the lessons of other states where government actions far exceeded the available funds. Toward that end, I will work to maintain a prudent surplus as a hedge against an uncertain economy. It is simply not responsible to spend down to the last dollar in hopes the economy will simply grow and grow. That would be to ignore the cyclical nature of our system and do a disservice to those who would come to depend on programs that would have to be cut back in learner periods

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