Archeological Dig At Miwok Shell Mound

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KPIX news footage from April 21st 1974 with reporter Bill Hilllman, featuring scenes from a college student archeological dig at a Native American Miwok shell mound, next to the 101 freeway in Mill Valley, Marin County. Hillman points out: "It's the oldest site of its kind discovered so far in the Northern peninsula." Includes an interview with one of the dig team, who states: "Each one of these archeological sites represents the unqiue and total cultural history of a single group of people for, in this case, as much as 3000 years of time. And to have the bulldozers come through and tear out a site such as this would be to destroy or to erase the cultural record or the history of a given people who did not keep written records of their own." In his voiceover, Hillman explains that the property developer is cooperating with this dig but afterwards, the shell mound will be bulldozed to make way for condominiums. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

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16mm color magnetic sound film
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local newsfilm
KPIX 117264

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