Belva Davis's Last Ever Ch.5 Eyewitness News At Noon (1977)

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The last ever episode of KPIX's Eyewitness Noon News to feature Belva Davis as co-anchor with David Fowler (she's leaving to work at KQED). Includes brief reports on Sun Myung Moon speaking at the Fairmont Hotel, Christmas shopping and school arsons in the South Bay area. Ends with a surprise party for Davis, hosted in Ch.5's Studio B by Dave McElhatton. Davis is led over there from Studio A by Fowler to find many friends and colleagues waiting to congratulate her (including Rev. Cecil Williams, Police Chief Charles Gains and Fire Chief Andrew Casper). By this point Davis had already won 4 Emmy awards and before introducing samples of Davis's work on-camera (and a few outtake bloopers), McElhatton declares: "You've carved a lot of way for female broadcasters in this business. And we're all very proud of you. And we thought the people that watch this noon news every day would like to see some of the history of Belva Davis. So here it comes, look closely, this is your life Belva!" Davis is then presented with a proclamation from acting mayor John Molinari, expressing thanks from the city of San Francisco for her work in local broadcasting. Also includes advertisement breaks, for products such as: Tucks; Kal Kan Mealtime; People Weekly; Challenge Butter and the Carpeteria. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

3/4-inch umatic videotape
Digital Format
mp4 file
Local news program
Copyright Holder
KPIX 150910

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