A Closer Look: Moscone/Milk Assassinations

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Belva Davis hosts this 1-hour special live program taped for KQED on the night of the murders of Supervisor Harvey Milk and Mayor George Moscone by Supervisor Dan White in San Francisco, on November 27th, 1978. Includes: a report on the funeral service for Mayor George Moscone at San Francisco's St. Mary's Cathedral; a phone in session with acting Mayor Diane Feinstein and updates about the Dan White murder case; views from inside city hall; Mel Wax (Moscone's press secretary) and Willie Brown making statements to the press; views of the Coroner removing the bodies of Moscone and Milk; Pamela Young reporting on a statement by Dan White's wife and describing the chain of events; William Rukeyser reporting on the transfer of power within city hall; George Dusheck reporting on Dan White's connection to the fire department and the Irish-American community; Fire Chief Andrew Casper stating that White was due to receive a medal for bravery; Rollin Post commenting on the political fallout from this tragedy and possible candidates for mayor; Randy Shilts commenting on Milk and some reactions from the gay community; an interview with Supervisor Carol Ruth Silver at city hall, who talks about her relationship with Harvey Milk and the relationship between Milk and Dan White; Rollin Post reporting on Moscone’s background and career; live coverage of Moscone’s memorial at St. Marys Cathedral: an in-studio discussion with Willie Brown and Mel Wax, which Brown talks about being the last person to see Moscone alive; Rita Williams talking to Carol Ruth Silver about what may have caused White to commit murder; Diane Feinstein talking about when the board will re-convene to elect mayor, via phone link; Willie Brown responding to a question about whether there’s any connection between the Milk/Moscone murders and the Peoples Temple/Jonestown event and the studio panel discussing whether these high-profile murders will deter other people from entering politics. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

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