Dominique DiPrima: Emmys Award Compilation (1991)

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KRON-TV footage featuring radio personality, producer and activist Dominique DiPrima, compiled for an Emmy's award submission to the Northern California Chapter of The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, in 1991. Includes scenes of DiPrima: performing a hip hop song in a video speaking out against sexism and promoting gender equality.  She raps,  "Sexism is everybody's problem…let a man be a man and let me be me." She leads a discussion in the Ch.4 studio asking when it's appropriate for teeneagers to start having sex, for the hip hop culture series 'Home Turf'.  One of the teenage boys describes peer pressure for having sex, "The more girls that you bag it's like you're the coolest most hippest dude and you can have more women that way."  An adult on the panel of the show, Lisa, advises the teens, "You know male and female, if you listen to yourself and not the crowd you'll know.  There's a voice inside and if you are even questioning it, just that much, then you're not ready." The compilation ends with DiPrima presenting at the Redwood Empire Ice Arena in Santa Rosa, as part of Children's Day. Supporting text and metadata updated for the web in April 2020 by Lisa Ann Nikkel. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

BetaSP videotape
Digital Format
mp4 file
special interest program
Copyright Holder
Young Broadcasting of San Francisco, Inc.
Emmys 526

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