Interview with Dwight A. Newton (1996)

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Raw extracts from an interview on October 22nd 1996 by Belva Davis for KRON-TV with pioneering radio and television journalist Dwight A. Newton (1906-2000). Newton began working at the San Francisco Examiner newspaper in 1929 and became their first television columnist in 1949. Newton recalls the earliest days of television broadcasting in the Bay Area, his career in newspapers and radio before that and also reflects on how television has changed over the years. Newton points out that after he was given his new assignment as the Examiner's TV critic in 1949, he didn't even have a television set (nor ready access to one) and Ch.5 KPIX-TV was the only station broadcasting on the air. When Davis asks if there were any "exciting" or "interesting" early local TV shows at that time, he responds by putting her question into the context of the late 1940s: "At that time everything [on TV] was interesting because it moved. And everything was interesting because people didn't have anything like that in their homes before." Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

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