People Are Talking: Bishop Desmond Tutu

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An episode of KPIX-TV's People Are Talking show featuring an interview with the theologian, anti-apartheid and human rights activist Bishop Desmond Tutu, presented by Ann Fraser and Ross McGowan on May 13th 1985. Note that Bishop Tutu was invested as the Archbishop of Cape Town in 1986. Visting the U.S. to see his daughter Naomi graduate from the University of Kentucky, Bishop Tutu was brought onto the show with the help of Rev. Cecil Williams and Lia Belli, who are in the audience and are seen speaking at 32:12 into the clip. Bishop Tutu discusses issues and answers audience questions relalting to: his image in South Africa's media; accepting the 1984 Nobel Peace Prize; the Bantu educational system (which he labels "education for perpetual serfdom"); the evils of apartheid; the Reagan administration's policy of "constructive engagement" which Tutu calls an "unmitigated disaster"; the confiscation of his passport; the myth of predicting how communism will replace apartheid when it's dismantled; violence in South Africa; relocation policy; sanctions and methods to bring about change and how the South African government is responding to world opinion. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

Note that although this program was sourced from a 1-inch videotape, we think the orginal source was actually a lower quallity 3/4-inch dub, which was bumped back up onto 1-inch tape.

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