Kathleen Cleaver Describes A Police Stop

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KRON-TV news footage from January 15th 1969 featuring brief scenes from an interview with Kathleen Cleaver in which she describes her experience during a recent police stop. She states that: "The police officer told me to stop looking around, you're making me nervous. I told him he didn't have any reason to be nervous because he had a gun and I didn't. I should be nervous. He said well it might go off, I might have to shoot you. So I told him to go ahead and shoot! And he raised the gun and pointed it at my head and aimed at me, threatening to shoot me." Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

Note that Movette Film Transfer of San Francisco remastered a 16mm negative print of this film in December 2018 in 2K resolution (2048x1556 pixels), using a Lasergraphics film scanner.

16mm b&w negative magnetic sound film
Digital Format
mp4 file
local newsfilm
Copyright Holder
Young Broadcasting of San Francisco, Inc.
KRON 623-6-2K

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