Black Panthers Newsfilm Trailer

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A promotional trailer for newly restored 16mm newsfilm footage featuring the Black Panther Party from 1968-1971. This trailer was produced in February 2019 by the Bay Area Television Archive at San Francisco State University, using original films shot by KRON-TV and KPIX-TV. The video editor was Kate Ashton. All clips and many others featuring the Black Panther Party will be made available to view from the Black Panther Party Collection page, on our DIVA website. Audio for the song "Revolution is the only solution" was sourced from a KRON-TV newsfilm report shot outside the Alameda County Administration Building in Oakland, on July 7th, 1969.

In early 2019 Movette Film Transfer of San Francisco remastered the 16mm positive and negative film elements used to produce this trailer in 2K resolution (2048x1556 pixels), using a Lasergraphics film scanner. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

16mm b&w and color magnetic sound film
Digital Format
mp4 file
local newsfilm
Copyright Holder
Young Broadcasting of San Francisco, Inc. and CBS5/KPIX-TV

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wonderful to see this; remember it all.

Rave On! All Power To All People. This is a great revolutionary source for all people. It will teach our young people that there is hope of defeating the capitalist system that keeps people in bondage. We need this source now more than ever to fight those who do not want a true history told of freedom fighters who gave all to free all oppressed people. Revolutionary Love

My name is Billy X Jennings BPP Historian. These short clips are very helpful and educational. A great source to show young people, what was happening before they were born. The struggle is not new, glad we got part of it on film.Power to the People.

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