Woman Volunteer Trains With Tamalpais Fire Department (1970)

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KRON-TV news report from October 13th 1970 with reporter Frank Johnstone featuring scenes of a woman volunteer being trained by the Tamalpais Fire Department in Marin County. Includes an interview with her supervising officer, who states: "At first we were, I'm sure, a little curious as to how it would work out: a woman coming into a group that's normally all men. And I think that initially there was a little hesitance about accepting her as a member of the group. But my evaluation of the men's feeling is that she's been very well accepted indeed." A firefighter who is seen training her to use equipment at the station (referred to as "Eric") tells Johnstone: "She's doing quite well. I didn't expect her to do so well just by the virtue of the fact that she's a woman. But she has a lot of spirit and she has a lot of enthusiasm and that's the most important thing ... Her training is coming along very well and if she continues with this enthusiasm ... I think that she'll be one of our first rate volunteers." When asked by Johnstone why she's started training, the volunteer laughs and explains that she'd heard the fire district was short of volunteers at a budget hearing: "I don't know my reason! I'm just here. I never wanted to be a fireman. But when I suggested using housewives, I was the logical one to be here ... I opened my big mouth, so I have to back it up."

Note that we are currently being assisted by Marin Fire History and retired Marin firefighters, to try and positively identify this woman volunteer. Her name is spoken in the report but we are trying to verify, for the historical record. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

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