Huey P. Newton On Racist Court System

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KRON-TV news footage from July 17th 1968 with reporter Art Brown featuring an interview with co-founder of the Black Panther Party Huey P. Newton in jail. Newton has just taken the witness stand that morning, as the court considers its jury selection process for Newton to be tried for the murder of Oakland police officer John Frey. Newton and his attorney Charles Garry claim that it's impossible under the present system to get a fair trial and Newton states: "It's a white, racist-structured institution. But we're very sure that we'll be able to revolutionize the court system." Newton goes onto talk about his treatment in jail (where he's been in 24 hour solitary confinement for the past 35 days) and refuses to answer questions about whether he was framed. He also claims that: "The Black Panther Party is not a racist oraganization. We respect the dignity in all men." Garry explains his assertions that society is inherently prejudice, referring to hate mail that he's receiving for taking this case and pointing out how: "The prejudice is such that they bypass evidence and logic."

Note that Movette Film Transfer of San Francisco remastered a 16mm positive print of this film in December 2018 in 2K resolution (2048x1556 pixels), using a Lasergraphics film scanner. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

16mm color magnetic sound film
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