Jimmy Lester Interviewed & Working at George Washington High School

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KPIX-TV news footage from January 29th 1970 with reporter Belva Davis featuring scenes of middleweight boxer Jimmy Lester, aka the Bayview Blaster (1944-2006), being interviewed and working at George Washington High School in San Francisco's Richmond District as a campus community control aid. There are also views of Lester training at Newman's Gym and Davis explains that he is nursing an eye injury from his most recent fight last month against Rocky Hernandez. In addition to boxing and his job at the high school, we are told that Lester is also a pre-med student at City College. When asked about his job at George Washington High, he says: "I mean, I do this from my heart. Because I want to see these youngsters grow with something in life, a bright future and they do have it. And that's why I do it." Ends with additional shots of Lester working with students and others. Davis states that Lester is ranked at number 8 as a middleweight but he was twice ranked during his boxing career at number two. It should be noted that Lester's father Vern Lester was a boxer who fought under his own name in the 1940s and also as Jimmy "Top Row" Allen, who lost a split decision to middleweight champion Jake LaMotta in 1948. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

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