The making of KQED's 2-part Dorothea Lange documentary in 1965

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An interview with poet and director Richard O. Moore (1920-2015) shot on February 24th 2012 about the making of KQED's 2-part documentary film on Dorothea Lange's life and work in 1965: 'Under the Trees (Part I) and 'The Closer For Me' (Part II). This 2-part film (made for the USA Photography series) had three main producer, director editor credits: for Philip Greene (1927-2017), Robert Katz and Richard O. Moore. However, Moore explains that Philip Greene was most involved in this project, having been an assistant and close friend to Dorothea Lange. Moore talks about: how this project got developed; why he became involved and what his specific contributions were; which members of the Lange family took part; the style of documentary filming; major thematic differences between parts I and II and the working relationship between Philip Greene and Dorothea Lange. The 2012 interview was conducted by Caroline Dijckmeester-Bins, with Mark David on sound and camera and produced and edited by Alex Cherian. Note that 'Under the Trees' and 'The Closer For Me' may be viewed in full online from our DIVA archive. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

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