Simmons, Bailey and Seale speak in Berkeley Council Chambers

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KRON-TV news footage from August 18 1971 featuring scenes from the Berkeley City Council chambers where Berkeley councilmen Ira Simmons and D'Army Bailey and Chairman of the Black Panther Party Bopbby Seale are holding a press conference, to address recent leadership concerns raised by the Berkeley Black Caucus. This press conference was ostensibly called to provide a public response to criticism from co-chairs for the Berkeley Black Caucus Don Davis and Matt Crawford but after issuing statements referring to media distortion of current events, Simmons, Bailey and Seale refused to answer any questions and walked out (see AP article p.5 in the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper, from 8/19/71). On camera, Simmons claims: "The press has sought to exploit such disputes because it is in their interest to see blacks fighting amongst themselves" and Bailey emphasizes: "In the last few days charges of the most ridiculous and petty sort have flown like wildfire and gotten prime coverage by the local media. Why: because it's black against black." Includes shots of people sitting in the packed chambers, a brief statement from a spokesman for the Berkeley Black Caucus and closes with views of people congregating outside the council chambers afterwards. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

16mm color positive magnetic sound film
Digital Format
mp4 file
local newsfilm
Copyright Holder
Young Broadcasting of San Francisco, Inc.
KRON 2793-8

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