Mary Sirhan and Munir Sirhan visit Sirhan Sirhan in San Quentin

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KTVU news footage from June 19 1969, opening with voice over from Ch.2 reporter Andrea Boggs. This clip goes on to feature scenes of Mary Sirhan leaving San Quentin state prison with her youngest son Munir, where they have just visited her son Sirhan Sirhan for the second time, who is on death row for the assassination of Senator Robert Kennedy. Mary Sirhan is interviewed and says Sirhan is feeling OK. When asked by a reporter how she feels about her son's conviction, Mary Sirhan says: "The time is coming and the truth will come out more." Munir Sirhan states that his brother speaks highly of Warden Nelson and Associate Warden Park. Note that KPIX footage featuring parts of the same interview with Mary Sirhan can also be viewed in DIVA, in our film ref. no. KPIX 38899. Boggs closes with a stand up to camera, in which she explains that all condemned inmates on San Quentin's death row are allowed up to 4 family visits per month, so this is not an unusual occurence. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

16mm color positive magnetic sound film
Digital Format
mp4 file
local newsfilm
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KTVU 45-9

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